Mango Tree Bangles

“Mango Tree”- What do you think of out of those two words? I think of ” exotic brightly colored fruit and tree makes me think green and of the environment”.  So what a fitting name for a company that designs and constructs breath-taking jewelry from the world of nature. Mango Tree was founded by a husband and wife who has a great appreciation for our earth and wanted to share their travels all around the world with the public.

Each piece has a story to tell. The bangles are made of Grade A Organic Mango trees and are meticulously hand painted to waken the already stunning mango wood.

The couple expresses “Our passion and inspiration is definitely derived from all of Gods Wonderful Creations. From diving and observing a coral reef and the abundance of the breathtaking colors and textures of the ocean wild life, to trekking in tropical rain forests with amazing trees, flowers and plant life, and from simply sitting at the different beaches and staring at the waves crashing into the sand.”

They came in several different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Want to show class, be trendsetting and express concern for our environment then Mango Tree bangles is the best accessory you could choose. We saved the best attribute for last, these bracelets start at $18. Which means it is completely affordable to get a couple to mix and match. With such breath-taking colors, you will be glad you don’t just have to choose one. Because I bet each and every one of you would be hard pressed to choose just one, they are all so gorgeous!