Wine Bottle Lighting

An artist named Jerry Kott recycles wine bottle and transforms them into stunning light fixtures. Kott started off by experimenting with wine bottle he had around the house because he is a wine lover and had several empty bottles sitting around. He also has his fellow wine drinkers and art patrons who save and collect their bottles for him. So he has a very diverse collection of bottles to choose from for specific projects. Kott calls his pieces Re-lights.

“The Re-lights are created by hand-cutting bottles, polishing the edges, permanently creating the glass frosting and affixing the glass pieces together – all labor is done by hand. “The time involved varies by the amount of sections-color blocks combined to create each work,” Kott explains. “Obviously, the multi-stripe works are tedious in the amount of cutting and polishing but I believe that they are worth the effort.”

These lights would make a wonderful addition to any modern or eclectic design in any house. I believe every piece in house should have a real reason as to its placement in a home. These could definitely find a place in my home.