From The Sea to Your Street: Your New Home Complete in 7 Days

US ports are currently overloaded with shipping containers that have come from all over the world and building green is the future of new homes. So why not kill two birds by recycling these incredibly strong containers as a housing structure. MEKA is a company doing just this and you can have one of your own built in 7 days.

Meka was created by three friends, one a designer, one an architect, and the other a developer, looking to create well designed, alternative dwellings that could be made and sold at affordable prices. Beyond aspirations for typical prefabricated reasoning, and after years of extensive online market research, they found myriad examples from which to compare and consider. Aware of the sheer volume of shipping container buildings existing around the world, and of the many individuals and companies that had built incredible varieties and styles of this particular typology, still they found no easy way to order or procure them. ‘Meka’ (an acronym for modular, environmental, kinetic, assembly), is a combination of their design considerations with a manufacturing and ordering solution that delivers the most cost savings available on the planet. The result was to produce the most luxurious living spaces with a clean modern sensibility, at super affordable prices.

The key things that make the MEKA home so amazing are the design, the build time, and most of all the price! The home pictured in the top photo is 1280 sqft and pricing starts at $129k. This is amazing compared to traditional stick and frame construction where homes average between $150-300 per sqft. If you are saying 1280 sqft is way to much space. I only need 320 sqft, then your in luck because for only $39,999.

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