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Mango Tree Bangles

“Mango Tree”- What do you think of out of those two words? I think of ” exotic brightly colored fruit and tree makes me think green and of the environment”.  So what a fitting name for a company that designs and constructs breath-taking jewelry from the world of nature. Mango Tree was founded by a

Wine Bottle Lighting

An artist named Jerry Kott recycles wine bottle and transforms them into stunning light fixtures. Kott started off by experimenting with wine bottle he had around the house because he is a wine lover and had several empty bottles sitting around. He also has his fellow wine drinkers and art patrons who save and collect

Recycled Guitar String Ring

Have a love for music? Here is a fashionable and eco-friendly way to express it. This ring is made of four rows of rccycled guitar string. It has a chunky modern feel to it intertwined with vintage ingenuity. This ring would be a more than appropriate gift for anyone who has a passion for the

Auto Tunned Tables

These eye-catching  tables are made of recycled car panels. These tables are limited edition and each one is unique. The tables are made out of 70% of reclaimed car panels  the company uses primarily the roof tops as they are easiest to manipulate and maintain the original character of the panels. These tables would make

Simplcity and Style: the Aluminum Wallet

Screen shot 2011-02-08 at 4.44.15 PM

A wallet does not get anymore simple then two stamped pieces of aluminum held together by a rubber strap. In the age of leather, duct tape, and hemp choosing a wallet can be a hard task and when it comes down to it will any of these materials last. Well I can tell you this

A Belt as Hot as a Firefighter

Screen shot 2011-02-08 at 5.38.11 PM

These belts are not only a great casual fashion piece to add to a wardrobe  but they are eco-friendly too. These belts are made completely out of old fire hoses. Each belt is 100% one of a kind and have been used in firehouses. .So you are giving a second life to something that at

From The Sea to Your Street: Your New Home Complete in 7 Days


US ports are currently overloaded with shipping containers that have come from all over the world and building green is the future of new homes. So why not kill two birds by recycling these incredibly strong containers as a housing structure. MEKA is a company doing just this and you can have one of your

Timepiece Design: Ball Watch


Classic design and beautiful craftsmanship are the features every collector looks for in a fine watch. Ball Watch companies timepieces are no exception. I am certain you have heard the expression “on the ball”, as in “that guy is on the ball”, meaning the person is alert, competent, or efficient. Ever wonder where it came

Amazing FlatPak Modular Modern Home


Intelligent, appealing, and affordable, Charlie Lazor’s user-friendly FlatPak just might be the project that revolutionizes the prefab industry. See if this story doesn’t sound familiar. You’ve grown tired of landlords, upstairs neighbors fond of vacuuming in the middle of the night, and throwing your money away on rent. You start perusing the weekend open-home listings